North County Poets Featured in Poetry Anthology

The 24th annual Magee Park Poets Poetry Anthology is now on sale at Carlsbad City Library.

Carlsbad City Library recently celebrated the release of the 24th Annual Magee Park Poets Poetry Anthology with a reading by poets whose poems are featured in this year’s anthology. More than 60 poets from around San Diego County submitted nearly 150 poems and 51 poems were selected.

The anthology is published each December with the support of the Friends of the Carlsbad Library. Copies of the anthology are currently available for $5 at all Carlsbad City Library locations.

Carlsbad resident Lily Greenberg Call gave permission to Patch.com to reprint her poem Bones of Electricity from this year’s anthology. At fourteen, Greenberg Call is one of the youngest poets featured in the anthology. "The imagery and language in Bones of Electricity was inspired by events related to uprisings of the Arab Spring," shares Greenberg Call.

Bones of Electricity

We are made of bones
A crown of fibulas in her hair
Broken wrists dangle from our useless arms
They hang
and pop back into place

We were the children of the bad revolution
enlivened by lies
empowered by deceit

Now, we wait in our self-made graveyard.
Maybe we can be like the phoenix
and rise again.

The Magee Park Poets poetry program at Carlsbad City Library offers several free writing workshops each year, as well as poetry readings, including the Magee Park Poets poetry anthology publication celebration each December. While it’s been many years since the poetry group has met in Magee Park, the name has stuck for more than 20 years.

The next workshop on Jan. 27 will feature writer, poet and information security professional Chris Vera covering blogging and social media for writers. Writers interested in learning more about the Magee Park Poets group at Carlsbad City Library may email jessica.padilla@carlsbadca.gov for more information.  


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