Free Slurpee Lite Day at 7-Eleven May 23

The launch of Slurpee Lite marks the first time in 45 years that 7-Eleven has expanded the Slurpee brand to include a sugar-free option on a national level.

Summer is just around the corner. To cool you down and keep you slim a swimsuit, 7-Eleven has invented the Slurpee Lite and wants to give you a free one from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. on 5/23.

Flavored by Fanta, the new Slurpee Lite drinks are available exclusively at 7-Eleven stores and only contain 20 calories in 8 ounces.

That's 50% fewer calories than an 8 ounce Fanta Wild Cherry Slurpee drink.

The following flavors will be available Summer 2012: 

  •         May – Slurpee Lite Fanta Sugar-Free Mango
  •         June – Slurpee Fanta Watermelon Lime
  •         July – Slurpee Lite Fanta Sugar-Free Strawberry Banana and Slurpee                  Fanta Lemon Crème
  •         August –  Slurpee Lite Fanta Sugar-Free Cherry Limeade         

A list of the 7-Elevens stores in Carlsbad is available in our directory


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