Encinitas GreenHouse Wants to Turn Jatropha Seeds into Biofuels

According to a 10News report, "Inside a greenhouse in Encinitas, a venture is bearing fruit, as in the inedible fruits of the jatropha plant. When harvested, the seeds can be refined into fuel. The jatropha seed is packed plant oils."

Some airlines use it for jetfuel, but bushes couldn't create enough seeds for it to be harvested and profitable, explained 10News. 

The local startup, SGB "used molecular genetics and DNA sequencing to create a superplant. Instead of handful of fruit, there are dozens in a cluster. The oil content in each seed has also doubled," said the report. 

SGB is gaining national attention for the ability to create a superplant. 

Read 10News' full report here: http://www.10news.com/news/local-startups-discoveries-could-create-biofuel-shake-up-energy-market-01...


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