Plastic Bag Restrictions at Encinitas Farmers Market off to Strong Start

The Downtown Encinitas MainStreet Association's effort to go plastic-bag free at the Farmer's Market this year has been receptive so far far.

Jenny Rosenberg, shopping at the Encinitas Station Certified Farmer’s Market, was more than happy to take on the challenge of going without plastic grocery bags.

“I feel happy that I bring my own reusable bag,” she said. “I think I am making a small difference to the environment. I am very familiar with the problems plastic bags (have) on our environment.”

That’s been the attitude of most customers of the weekly event, where they and vendors say the market’s effort to go plastic-bag free is going well.

The restriction was introduced by the Downtown Encinitas MainStreet Association for Day Without a Bag in December and continued as a new year’s resolution. The association tried out the bag-free practice after it saw customers use as many as 500 bags a week. Now, organizers are giving free reusable bags when they drop by the Wednesday market.

Many shoppers have been receptive to the change.

DEMA’s Carris Rhodes said the market is about 90 percent free of plastic bags.

“It’s a collaborative effort,” Rhodes said. “It’s the vendors agreeing to it, and it’s the consumers complying and being amicable to it.” 

Customer Jenny Rosenberg was more than happy to take on the challenge.

“I feel happy that I bring my own reusable bag,” she said. “I think I am making a small difference to the environment. I am very familiar with the problems plastic bags (have) on our environment.”

Market vendor Barry Koral said he understood why the ban was carried out last year.

“The ocean right now is carrying two times the size of Texas of plastic bags, which is killing our fish,” said Koral of Koral’s Tropical Fruit Farm in Vista.

“Encinitas is more of a cautious community and I think most people catch on quickly. Most of the customers (with) a few exceptions bring their own bag, so I haven’t really addressed it to anybody.”

The market is 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. every Wednesday at 600 S. Vulcan Ave. 

What do you think about the plastic bag ban? Tell us in the comments.

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Jay Berman February 13, 2013 at 07:17 PM
Plastic bags weigh 12 pounds per 1000, paper bags weigh 150 pounds per 1000 ... plastic bags are made from natural gas that comes by pipe to the factory, paper bags require wood or recycle material be transported to a pulp mill then to a bag manufacturer ... plastic bags are 100% recyclable .. reusable bags have about the content of 25 or more plastic bags and wind up in a landfill before 50 uses in most cases .. reusable bags should be washed after every use if you put fresh foods in it like produce, seafood, meats, ect ... or you can get quite sick, especially if you leave the bags in your hot trunk ... Cities should demand their trash hauler take plastic bags in the recycle bin as long as they are bundled into a bag and tied off .... bans like this do nothing except inconvenience people ... I made a purchase at a store in Solana beach .. I rarely shop in Solana Beach anymore because of the ban, but I needed something at this store, they gave me a plastic bag, a bit heavier than the normal ones, printed on it it said THIS BAG IS REUSABLE ! Pretty clever ! That bag probably had 5 times theplastic of the single use bags ...


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