Cardiff Surf Classic and Green Beach Fair Inspires New Documentary

This weekend the eco surf event brings locals together for education and fun.

Local filmmakers Pierce Kavanagh and his wife, Petra were so inspired by the Cardiff Surf Classic and Green Beach Fair two years ago that the two set out to make a documentary called “Manufacturing Stoke.”

Now, the duo is setting out to make another full length documentary that focuses on the varied uses of the ocean called “What the Sea Gives Me.” They will be on hand at this year’s event, Saturday October 27 at Seaside Reef.

“I’m looking forward to talking to people about the new film,” Pierce said. “This is a great venue to get feedback. This is where it all started for us.”

It took the couple just seven months, to finish their first film which was just enough time to have it ready to premiere at last year’s event. Pierce was so encouraged after attending the beach fair that he set out to make a documentary about the sustainability of the surf industry.

“I was totally inspired by the people I met there and the kinds of things they were doing,” he said.

Far from a scathing review of the evils of an industry bent on making a buck at all costs, Pierce said “Manufacturing Stock” is more revealing in the changes that can and are being made within the world of surfing. As the film opens with a surf montage, the narrator evokes the dichotomy of a surfer riding a board made of toxic materials atop pristine waves. “The coolest industry on the planet and we’re being kooks,” he says.

Pierce said he hopes the new film shows people just how important the ocean is to a healthy environment. “Not to sound hippie, but I really want us all to know how precious the sea is and how much we take it for granted,” he said. “If we continue down the road we’re on, future generations won’t be able to enjoy it like we have.”

Interviews with oceanographers, fisherman, divers, surfers and others who either make a living from the sea or enjoy it regularly will be a basis for understanding the ocean’s diverse qualities. “We put very little thought into how our actions impact this huge natural resource,” Pierce said. “We hope this film can change that.”

“The Cardiff Surf Classic is a great place to talk about how we value the ocean,” Pierce said. “I’m proud of Cardiff for having something that brings local businesses and residents together to move toward sustainability.”

The event will include a surf contest, live music, local organic food, a kid’s zone and a Green Fest comprised of eco-friendly businesses, government agencies and non-profits bringing education and awareness of sustainability to the community.

In its fourth year, the Cardiff Surf Classic and Green Beach Fair has grown into one of the most popular and successful eco events in San Diego County. Last year’s two-day event attracted more than 10,000 people.

“Our number one goal of the event is for everyone to have a wonderful experience and to learn more about protecting the environment and improving the health of your daily life, whether it’s about solar, agriculture, gardening, composting, recycling, transportation, energy efficiency, green home design, water issues, or better products in the surf industry,” said Brenda Dizon, co-creator of the event.

The event is also a platform for local eco-friendly businesses. “The best part of a grassroots event like this one is that local businesses gain important exposure,” said event co-creator Betty Steele. “It also gives us the opportunity to fuel eco-friendly education in the community. This empowers people to not only be more eco-conscious consumers, but it also encourages them to buy local products, therefore giving their local community and economy a boost.”

For more information about "What the Sea Gives Me," you can visit the film's Kickstarter page or Facebook page.

For more information about the Cardiff Surf Classic and Green Beach Fair happening this weekend, visit cardiffsurfclassic.com.

Editor's Note: Encinitas Patch is a sponsor of the Cardiff Surf Classic and Green Beach Fair, and will have a table at the event.

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