Seaweed and Gravel Opens in Leucadia

The new store will host a grand opening July 1.

Seaweed and Gravel opened its doors in Leucadia this week, in the

The new shop carries a mix of new and vintage clothing, retro surfboards, bonsai trees and throwback motorcycles (mostly circa 1970s). 

That may seem like an offbeat mix, and that’s precisely the point. This isn’t your typical retail shop. Owner David Patri describes it is as an “extension of the collective conscious of non-conforming-never-grow-up-weirdos.”

Naturally, it had to be launched in Leucadia, he says.

“I wanted to do this in Leucadia because people here are especially open to creative, new things,” he says. “Being a designer, I have this aesthetic side I want to put out there and this felt like the right place for it.”

Nearly 20 years ago, Patri launched Split, a line of surf and skate apparel, doing “just about everything, except sales.” The company has since been licensed out—and now, Patri is pouring his creative energy into Seaweed and Gravel, something that he’s wanted to do for years.

The shop is very much a creative reflection of Patri, who grew up in Southern California during the 1970s.

“These are things I like or are dear to my heart,” he explains, sitting in the middle of the Leucadia store on a chair that he reupholstered. Even the store’s logo has personal relevance: On the outside of the shop you’ll see a giant mural of Sitting Bull, which is hard to miss if you’re coming down Coast Highway. That image was pulled from a portrait that Patri got from his grandfather, who was from North Dakota and steeped in Native American culture.  

“I never intended for that to be the logo,” he explains. “But that image got so much reaction from everyone who saw it, so it just happened.”

At the back of the shop, you’ll find a patio lined with bonsai trees. A common misconception is that that these are inside plants, Patri explains. Chat him up for a few more minutes, and he’s happy to share more pointers. He hopes to share some of that knowledge with the community, possibly though educational talks at the shop.

Patri also hopes to eventually host events at the shop, like Sunday meet-ups in the parking lot where locals could buy, sell, or show their motorcycles.

Customers can also buy, sell or trade surfboards and clothing at the shop. The racks are lined with pieces that are vintage “but not too costumey” (think classic denim jackets and Guatemalan dresses for summertime).

There’s also free espresso for customers at the shop, and a handful of artworks are peppered throughout, some of which are by Patri, who also paints.

Seaweed and Gravel’s grand opening will be Sunday, July 1, at 3 p.m. The free event will feature live music indoors, and likely wrap-up around 8 p.m., Patri said.

Seaweed and Gravel is located at 1144 N. Coast Highway 101. Summertime hours are from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., and the shop is closed Mondays. For more information, visit seaweedandgravel.com.


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