Leucadia 101 Main Street Association

The group is also seeking three new board members.

Editor’s Note: The following is a news release from the Leucadia 101 Main Street Association.

In recognition of his outstanding work over the years with Leucadia 101 Main Street Association, Paul Ecke III, Board Member of Leucadia 101 Main Street Association was presented a service award for his service as 'Founding Board Member and Board Member Emeritus.'  Ecke is a founding member of the very active, local community group, Leucadia 101 Main Street Association that begun in 2003.  Ecke has served as Vice President from 2003 to 2010.

“I am very proud of my time with Leucadia 101,” Ecke said.  “And I’m am glad to see some tangible progress being made on the Streetscape, with 101 trees being planted in 2011, the new signals at Leucadia Boulevard, and all the new buildings going up along the 101 corridor. It will be wonderful to see the Highway 101 'Streetscape' project start soon and eventually completed from Encinitas Boulevard to La Costa Avenue. I look forward to walking and biking along Highway 101 in a pedestrian and bike friendly ‘funky’ beach town and I encourage every Leucadia resident to join Leucadia 101 to support our ongoing efforts!"

The Leucadia Main Street Association is dedicated to the historic preservation of downtown Leucadia and seeks to create a bike and pedestrian friendly, thriving merchant community in Leucadia. The group is made up of 15 board members and program manager in partnership with the City of Encinitas and their sister Main Street organizations of both Encinitas and Cardiff.

The Leucadia 101 Main Street Association is currently actively recruiting three new board members. The deadline for applications and nominations is Friday, Feb. 10. Leucadians are encouraged to apply. All community members are encouraged to become members of the Leucadia 101 Main Street Association in support of their local community.

Memberships begin at $25.00. For more information or to apply as a board member, please contact: Paula Kirpalani, Leucadia 101 Main Street Association Tel: 760-436-2330. www.leucadia101.com.  The Leucadia Highway 101 Main Street Association is a non-profit organization that formed in 2003 and is dedicated to the historic preservation and revitalization of Leucadia’s North Highway 101 Corridor.  


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