Dr. Kevorkian Helped Cardiff Resident End Her Life

Martha Ruwart was among the 130 assisted suicide cases that Kevorkian facilitated.

Jack Kevorkian  June 3, 2011, at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak.

He was born May 28, 1928, in Pontiac, MI, to Armenian immigrants.

Kevorkian first made headlines for his right-to-die stand in 1990 when he assisted in the death of Janet Adkins, who had Alzheimer’s disease. 

His 15th patient, Martha Ruwart, was from Cardiff by the Sea.  She suffered intestinal and ovarian cancer before Kevorkian helped her to die in 1993.

Kevorkian later admitted to assisting in an estimated 130 deaths from 1990-1998. View  and a map of where they came from.

More recently, he served eight years of a 10- to 25-year sentence in the 1998 death of Thomas Youk, who suffered from Lou Gehrig's disease. He was released from prison in 2007 and returned to live in an apartment in Royal Oak.

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Timeline of key dates: From the The Detroit News

Geraldine Smith June 07, 2011 at 09:01 PM
IMO, if Dr. Kervorkian hadn't assisted these terminally ill patients, who were in intense pain, they would have found another way to self deliverance. As sane adults, they were entitled to make that decision which really was not any one's business but their own.


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