Letter to Editor: Sierra Club Member Opposes Seals at Children's Pool

Myrna Wosk says seals in La Jolla are a great snack for sharks.

Letter to the Editor:

Even though I’ve been a Sierra Club member for over 30 years, I am adamantly OPPOSED to those miserable seals, which have taken over the Children’s Pool.

What would Mrs. Ellen Scripps say? She had the jetty built specifically to provide a safe place for young children to swim and play. My parents took me and my two sisters to the Children’s Pool in the 40’s and 50’s. How wonderful it was. Mrs. Scripps did NOT have the jetty built to provide a place for seals to breed, foul the water, and prevent children and adults from enjoying the beautiful cove, which she created.

Where else is there a safe and secure place for tiny children to enjoy the water in safe, peaceful, beautiful surroundings? La Jolla Shores? Boomer Beach? I don't think so. This is the last bastion. We must take a stand to safeguard the integrity of the Children’s Pool (which the seal lovers call “Casa Beach”, pretending that the “Children” portion of the name is irrelevant.)

The seals are a noisy nuisance. More importantly, they are also a great snack for sharks which at some point are going to gobble up either a seal or a swimmer brave enough to enter the polluted water.

Very earnestly yours, 

Myrna Wosk

4RBeach January 10, 2013 at 02:39 AM
Criminal element of the Seal Activist Bryan Pease,CEO APRL/Sealwatch, Attacked a swimmer with a Stun Gun, Restraining order Don Reilly, Seal activist, Attacked a lifeguard, Restraining order Don Reilly, Seal Activist, Violation of the MMPA, Warning from NOAA Heidi Cohen, APRL/Sealwatch , Petty theft of privet property, Restraining order Jaghab Daoud, APRL/Sealwatch, Battery, Restraining order, Violating his parole Marjane Aalam, APRL/Sealwatch, Battery, pulling hair of a minor, Restraining order Ellen Shively, President, L J Friends of the Seals, Battery, Spitting, Restraining order Bryan Pease, CEO APRL/Sealwatch’s attorney, Charged for 2 counts petty theft, Prosecution TBD
C.Jacobs Aspen January 10, 2013 at 03:53 AM
This is the ONLY Manmade ocean swimming pool in the Continental U.S. The other one is in Hawaii and well maintained. This ocean swimming pool designed for humans to swim in is also a wonderful place for handicaped people to be able to enter the water. This is a very rare thing. For a cripped child to be able to experience swimming and snorkeling in the ocean who otherwise would never be able to because of safety and acces is very special and important. Children's Pool is the Center Jewel in this Jewel of La Jolla 3 beach area that includes Shell Beach and South Casa. This is the real shared vision, of these three beaches, otherwise known at the Jewel of La Jolla be the vision for Shared use. Children's pool for children and familes, and the seals EVERYWHERE else. Open the sluceways to keep it clean, take out the sand so the pool is actually a pool like it was designed to be. The seals will always be welcome too. This is LA JOLLA , not LA POOPLA.
Ryan Sweeney January 10, 2013 at 04:31 AM
And so what comes next... when the seals decide they want to expand to Shell Beach and beyond should we close those beaches too? We've already heard the seal activists make mention of it.
Ryan Sweeney January 10, 2013 at 04:32 AM
Wake up Mayor Filner... you're being swindled.


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