Deputy Sheriff's Foundation to Hold Gala

Photo Courtesy: San Diego County Deputy Sheriff's Foundation
Photo Courtesy: San Diego County Deputy Sheriff's Foundation
The San Diego County Deputy Sheriff's Foundation is holding “Support and Remember,” its first annual fundraising gala, on Feb. 28 in Rancho Santa Fe, and they are holding it in style.
The Feb. 28 event will raise funds to support the foundation’s core programs. Support & Remember asks donors to do just that, support and remember San Diego’s law enforcement community.
The gala event honors Scripps Health President and CEO Chris Van Gorder for his outstanding leadership in the community, as well as, his benevolence and service worldwide following natural disasters and other catastrophes, such as Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti. Van Gorder also volunteers as a reserve commander with the Sheriff's Search and Rescue Unit.
Foundation President Matt Clay says that Van Gorder was very excited to get involved in this year’s event. “It will be an honor to have Chris as the big draw for Support and Remember as he has been a very big supporter of public safety throughout San Diego County,” says Clay.
Others on hand for the event include Sheriff Bill Gore, best-selling author Joseph Wambaugh, the live sounds of recording artist Mario Olivaras and Latin Spice, internationally acclaimed winemaker Jean-Charles Boisset, Brent and Kelly King (parents of Chelsea King and spokespersons for the Chelsea's Light Foundation), a host of San Diego elected officials, prominent physicians and business leaders, and other distinguished guests.
The Deputy Sheriff’s Foundation, which is the non-profit charitable foundation associated with the Deputy Sheriff's Association of San Diego County, began in 2004 for the purpose of providing support to widows and children of law enforcement personnel who die in the line of duty. The foundation now provides sickness and distress assistance to San Diego County Sheriff’s Deputies and their families who are in need of help, have medical needs that are not completely covered by health insurance, or have other emergencies.
For details, visit the gala website at supportandremember.org.

—San Diego County Deputy Sheriff's Foundation announcement


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