Sheriff's Department to Host Active Shooter Drill at Scripps Encinitas on Friday

The drill will involve sounds of gunfire to simulate where a gunman is shooting at people.

Photo Courtesy of San Diego County Sheriff's Department.
Photo Courtesy of San Diego County Sheriff's Department.
If you live or work around Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas, be aware of a training exercise happening in your area on Friday.

Deputies from the Encinitas Sheriff's Station, Special Enforcement Detail (SED/SWAT), Bomb/Arson, as well officers from other law enforcement agencies will participate in the drill. 

The drill will involve sounds of gunfire to simulate where a gunman is shooting at people. Teams of deputies and officers taking part in the exercise will make their way through the campus with mock firearms, practicing how they would track down a gunman. They will also check the hiding spaces and practice evacuation procedures. The goal is to prepare law enforcement personnel so they know what to expect in the chaos of a real shooting scenario. 

People who live or work near the hospital need not be concerned about the extra presence of law enforcement, emergency vehicles, as well as the sound of gunfire because IT IS ONLY A DRILL. 

There will be road signs informing the public of the training. Public notification will also be done through the Sheriff's website, as well as Facebook and Twitter pages. Deputies and senior volunteers from the Encinitas Sheriff's Station will hand out flyers in nearby communities to inform neighbors of the drill. 

Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas, including the emergency room, will remain open during the drill. 

Active Shooter Drill 
Date: Friday, June 6th 
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 
Location: Critical Care Building 
Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas 
354 Santa Fe Drive, Encinitas 

—San Diego County Sheriff's Department


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