Cardiff Kook Gets Political

The statue is dressed as an Occupy protester.

The Cardiff Kook is dressed as an Occupy protester today in a sign of solidarity for the Occupy Walk, a national march that launched in San Diego on Feb. 11.

The group plans to trek across the nation, taking the southern route to avoid winter weather. Along the way, members hope to meet up with other local Occupy groups and anyone interested in welcome to join. 

For more information about the walk, you can visit occupywalk.org

Mum February 26, 2012 at 07:42 PM
When the Kook was first unveiled I fell on the "Get over your self" side of the fence regarding what the statue should or should not have been. I mean, sorry if the artist didn't run the design concept through the 'Surfing Valhalla, I was there at the Beginning of it all' panel, prior to its installation..Some of the protest banners hung on the kook calling for its removal were also a bit much. As one of my family pointed out; nobody starts surfing as an expert. Gradually though, the silliness and happy birthday art started. And it is great. The white shark especially, really excellent work (did wear out its welcome though). Lately however I have noticed a couple of things. The first thing was advertising. I noticed one day that a local fruit energy drink concern had decorated the kook to look like its product mascot urging the masses to 'rain forest up' or something to that affect with their magic berry energy drink. What? The second thing I have noticed is politics. People,please. In my opinion that statue has done enough to magnify the circus down on the 101. We don't need to make it even crazier by bringing in our own particular social political axes. A kook doesn't care about anything but getting up on that wave. Nothing else enters the equation. And there is some substance there. Its about the water and the freedom. Not our careers, the recession, elections or what ever else in the world on land that taxes us. So when it comes to the kook, Keep it lite..


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