Carlsbad 10-Year-Old Selected to Help Curb Childhood Obesity & Possibly Meet Michelle Obama

Max Wilson is a student at Carrillo Elementary in Carlsbad. He is one of 10 students selected in a nationwide search to go to D.C. to be a student judge and help determine the program to combat childhood obesity.

Carlsbad Patch asked Max's mother Tina Wilson six questions about her son's accomplishment and upcoming trip to the nation's capitol.

Carlsbad Patch: How did Max get selected to be student ambassador?

We first heard about the Active Schools Acceleration Project (ASAP) competition through the Presidential Fitness newsletter and an announcement from First Lady Michelle Obama in February. As part of their nationwide search for the most creative, impactful, and scalable school-based programs that promote physical activity for children, ASAP also announced they were searching for ten students to help serve as judges in the competition and offer their feedback and insights. Students ages 10-15 were invited to submit an application through a teacher nomination and a personal essay addressing why physical activity is so important to them. After submitting an essay through his teacher, Max learned he was selected in Mid-April.
Carlsbad Patch: Tell us a little more about ASAP.
ASAP is an initiative of ChildObesity180. Conducted in collaboration with Tufts University, ChildObesity180 is committed to facilitating cross-sector collaboration through a portfolio of high-impact initiatives which aim to reverse the trend of childhood obesity within one generation's time. The Active Schools Acceleration Project (ASAP) seeks to increase quality physical activity in schools as a means to promote healthy, active living and to evoke the beneficial behavioral and academic outcomes that follow. In pursuit of this mission, ASAP will identify innovative approaches to school-time physical activity, replicate best practices in diverse environments, and scale exemplary approaches to national reach. As part of ChildObesity180’s portfolio of high-impact initiatives, ASAP will contribute to reversing the trend of childhood obesity.
Carlsbad Patch: What advice does Max have for others his age to live a healthy lifestyle?
"Eat nutritiously-- food is fuel. Exercise every day. And always, always, always think positive thoughts."
Carlsbad Patch: Will this be Max's first trip to Washington D.C.?
Carlsbad Patch: What do you think about Max being on the student judging panel?
This is an extremely exciting opportunity for Max to travel to the nation's capital and meet highly influential people and peers. Physical fitness is such a big part of Max's life, that being able to watch him partake in the judging and offer his input is an incredible honor. 
Carlsbad Patch: Anything else you want Carlsbad Patch readers to know?
It is yet to be determined whether Max will get to meet the First Lady, but we will definitely let you know if he does!


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