Carlsbad Trash Cart Violators Will be Noted

City volunteers are fanning out across Carlsbad starting this week to place reminder notices on trash carts that have been left out after collection day.

Under city laws, trash carts may be put out on the street between 6 p.m. the day before collection and 6 a.m. the day of collection. They must be removed no later than midnight the day of collection. 

The city recently switched to a new automated trash collection service, which included swapping out residents’ old trash and green waste cans with more than 100,000 new, wheeled carts that can be lifted by hydraulic arms on specially designed trash trucks. “Residents have done a great job making the switch to the new trash service,” said Craig Schmollinger, management analyst for the city’s Utilities Department. “The goal of this effort is to give a friendly reminder to residents about the need to take their carts in after trash day.” 

According to Schmollinger, some residents have left their carts out because they want a different size, and a few just don’t want to use the new system.  

“We want to keep our neighborhoods safe and clean,” says Schmollinger. “When solid waste carts are left out all week, they interfere with street parking and street sweepers.” 

Residents who would like to help this effort can print out a letter from the city website, carlsbadca.gov/trash, and deliver it to neighbors who leave their carts out.  

According to Schmollinger, the city has the ability to impose fines and even remove trash carts from residences that don’t comply with the rules; however city staff are hopeful that the friendly reminders will do the trick.

Residents may change the number and size of their carts by calling Waste Management at 866-WM-RECYCLE.  

–City of Carlsbad

DJ Moore October 03, 2012 at 08:48 PM
Just curious. Alot of residents put so much in the cans the lids won't close. They also leave things outside the cans expecting to be picked up. Are the trash collectors picking all that up? Seems to me if so they are encouraging it. Those guys work hard enough and shouldn't make it easier for homeowners to not comply with proper procedures.
JC October 04, 2012 at 05:37 AM
I agree, DJ. I see all sorts of overflowing bins with scribbled notes taped to them asking for variances to comply with individuals' own convenience. They obviously have ignored the extensive mailings meant to prepare the community for the changes in refuse collection, and for methods of achieving free adjustments in bin sizes and numbers that each household will need. Sometimes in order for a community effort to work, we have to get it together and follow a plan, even if it makes us have to think about and make the effort to change our habits in order to make everyone's job a little easier. But a lot of people have little experience in doing this and assume that the world must work around them. Ongoing public education might be the most civil way to effect change, as well as the collectors leaving piles of improperly sorted debris. If it doesn't magically disappear, the oblivious and perhaps downright lazy people might take the time to adjust. And their neighbors might get on their case to nudge them into helping keep the neighborhood clean.
ReEtte Rios October 04, 2012 at 04:04 PM
I think the City screwed the residents with thes new trash program. Residents now must be 'trained' on trash and comply with extensive trash rules. The city made money at the expense of their residents and did not even consider parking issues created in some communities by their new system. Curbside trash now takes precedence over car parking on Carlsbad streets. This is only one of the projects the city has dissapointed me on.
TMarie October 04, 2012 at 04:53 PM
What about those who put their trash cans out an entire day early (well before 6 pm the night before pickup)? They are a nuisance as well. They certainly don't comply with what Mr. Schmollinger states as the goal, “We want to keep our neighborhoods safe and clean,” especially since they are filled with a week's worth of stinking, rotting trash -- certainly an ant and rat magnet. Aren't they considered violators as well?


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