Democrats Trump GOP in Encinitas Voter Registration, Freshest Figures Show

The city was 35.1 percent Democrat, 33.8 percent Republican and 25.8 percent unaffiliated on Sept. 3.

Encinitas has a slightly higher percentage of Democratic voters than Republicans, according to voter registration data released this month.

Affirming the city’s bipartisan status ahead of the June 5 primary election, the county Registrar of Voters Office said Democrats outnumbered the GOP here 13,278 to 12,795 as of Sept. 3.

With 37,880 registered voters, Encinitas has 9,762 classified themselves as not having any party preference.

By percentage, the city’s registered voters are 35.1 percent Democrat, 33.8 percent Republican and 25.8 percent not listing a preference.

The next-biggest affiliation in Encinitas is the American Independent Party, with 1,174 members.

Then come the Green Party (337) and the Libertarian Party (284), say the figures (attached).

The 49th Congressional District and the 76th State Assembly District—of which Encinitas is a part—showed that GOP voters have a steady lead. The 49th counted 102,275 voters as Republicans, compared to 77,008 Democrats. The 76th counted 86,035 Republicans, compare to 65,796 Republicans.

Encinitas is also part of the County’s 3rd District, and there the trend continued with 115,517 Republicans and 93,945 Democrats.

The latest numbers also show that across San Diego County, for the first time in two years. Of the 1.46 million registered voters in the county, 510,792 are affiliated with the GOP and 510,692 are with the Democratic Party, a difference of 100.

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