Encinitas City Council to Hear 'Right to Vote' Amendment Wednesday

Tell us in the comments which City Council agenda item is most important to you.

The Encinitas City Council will review Wednesday evening on the "Right to Vote" amendment.

The measure would require a majority vote by the electorate for a major amendment to a planning policy document, according to the agenda report.

Such amendments would include certain changes in zone types, increases in heights and increases of the amount of parcels on an existing parcel.

City staff have three recommendations:

  1. Adopt the ordinance, without alteration, at the regular meeting at which the certification of the petition is presented, or within 10 days after it is presented.
  2. Immediately order a special election, to be held pursuant to subdivision (a) of Section 1405, at which the ordinance, without alteration, shall be submitted to a vote of the voters of the city.
  3. Order staff to prepare a report pursuant to Elections Code Section 9212 to be presented to the City Council within the time frame prescribed by the City Council, but no later than 30 days after the elections official certifies the petition to the legislative body.

The report accompanies this article in PDF form, along with the City Council Agenda.

Other items include:

  • Approval of License Agreement between the City of Encinitas and the Friends of the Encinitas Library regarding the use and utilization of space at the Encinitas Community Library. Contact Person: Deputy City Manager Phillips.
  • Mid-year review of Fiscal Year 2012-13 Operating Budget and adoption of Resolution No. 2013-04 approving the Mid-Year Budget Report for Fiscal Year 2012-13.  Contact Person: Finance Manager Shoemaker. 
  • FY 2012-13 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Status Report and recommended mid-year adjustments to the Capital Improvement Program.  Contact Person: Finance Manager Shoemaker.
  • Public Hearing to consider an appeal filed by John Caglia on behalf of Rite Aid of a condition of approval requiring architectural screening of rooftop mechanical equipment in the Planning and Building Director’s approval of an Administrative Design Review Permit and Coastal Development Permit for exterior architectural improvements to an existing Rite Aid building.
  • Results of housing exercise, survey of tools, and discussion on housing methodologies to accomplish higher density. To be presented by Planning Commissioner Kurt Groseclose.
  • Authorize the issuance of up to $8 million (par value) of Lease Revenue Bonds (the "2013 Bonds") to fund a portion of the capital improvements to the Encinitas Community Park site.

The meeting takes place 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Council Chambers, 505 South Vulcan Avenue. The meeting can be seen live on the City of Encinitas home page.

Which items are most important to you and why? Please tell us in the comments. 

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