Letter to the Editor: Quarry Creek Project in Carlsbad is a Nightmare

Diane Nygaard is president of a group against the development plans for Quarry Creek.

Editor's Note: The following is a letter sent to the editor. 

Four years ago the city of Carlsbad’s Citizen’s Open Space Committee ranked Quarry Creek (the eastern half of the Buena Vista Creek valley)  as the # 1 priority parcel for preservation in the entire city. 

With the sacred El Salto waterfall, regional wildlife corridor, and 9,000 years of local history still present in this valley it is easy to see why people want to preserve it.

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It was also recently listed by Save Our Heritage Organization as one of the 12 most endangered historic sites in all of San Diego County. There is nowhere else with this unique combination of natural, cultural and historic resources- and it is right here in our own backyard where thousands of people can enjoy it. 

This area is located along highway 78 between El Camino Real and College Blvd. 

Now a developer, McMillin, is proposing to put 656 homes there. That is over twice as many as current zoning would allow. Their own traffic study shows that  College Blvd between Vista Way and Marron Rd will be in failure. Add that to traffic from the new Sage Creek High School at College and Cannon and it will be gridlock for everyone.    

Our vision for that valley is a compromise – one that allows some development, reduces the traffic impacts, saves the Panhandle and preserves the priceless sense of local history. Their vision is a nightmare- see the details here:   


Contact us at info@preservecalavera.org or call 760-724-3887 and find out how you can get involved in our effort to preserve this priceless area.

The project is currently out for public comment- but the comment period closes on Dec 7th so it is very timely right now.

Diane Nygaard

President, Preserve Calavera

Skip Stein December 05, 2012 at 04:40 PM
I agree the preservation of the El Salto waterfall, the Marron adobe and the Buena Vista Valley as a regional wildlife corridor, and 9,000 years of local history still present in this valley. This area was designated as the # 1 priority parcel for preservation in the entire city. Why is the City Council of Carlsbad even allowing this historical area to be developed? I will bet that the underlying motives of the City Council are driven by the Macmillan outfit (payola?). How about concentrating on your real job of preserving our city for the future and not using up all the backcountry open spaces, especially with historical, wildlife and beautiful vistas. Do we really need another 500 homes in this area. I look at the graded and fallow land along El Camino Real regularly and wonder why this land, that has been stripped of its natural beauty already, could be the site for development, leave the Buena Vista Vally alone.
barbara segal December 05, 2012 at 05:15 PM
I totally agree, Skip. I love it here in Carlsbad because of the small town feel, lack of congestion on the roads, and open space which still exists. Do we have any say against developers who only see dollar signs? First Rick Caruso has plans to develop the land by the Strawberry Fields and Hedionda Lagoon, and now this....100's of homes, multiplied by the people in each home, the high school, cars, etc....Where does it stop? Maybe a visit to the City Council is in order.
Osteoarthritis Centers of America January 17, 2013 at 04:39 PM
College Boulevard is already congested enough with no room to expand. Most evenings, the College Blvd exit off the 78 is backed up onto the freeway, creating a hazard. The new homes would practically require their own freeway exit! How sad that one of the few open spaces left may be taken away only for greed.
M Clark March 24, 2013 at 10:39 PM
I think a compromise is workable. We do need more housing. At present there is a shortage of available homes for sale. This is driving the pricing up and we may be experiencing the beginning of another bubble if the demand for housing can't be met.


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