Mark Muir, Candidate for Encinitas City Council

The former fire chief who is an appointed Council member is running for the first time.

General Information

Name: Mr. Mark Anderson Muir
Age: 56
Place of residence: Encinitas



Attended college: Yes
College: Union Institute
Degree: Bachelor of Science in Emergency Planning

Employment Information

Job titles held: Fire Chief
Employers: City of Encinitas

Political Information

Party affiliation: Republican
Running for a: Local office
Running for position: City Council
Incumbent: Yes
First elected: 09 November 2011
Previous elective offices: Olivenhain Municipal Water District
Unsuccessful bids for elective offices: None

Party HQ

Address: NA 

Campaign Manager

Name: Mark Muir
Title: Candidate


Website: www.muirforencinitas.com

Other facts

The following was submitted by Mark Muir:

We can continue to protect our treasured quality of life and the unique character of our five communities through fiscal prudence, environmental stewardship, and fair and equitable application of the General Plan. As a former Encinitas Fire Chief and current Councilmember, I have served you for 35 years, working to build a safe, beautiful, and sustainable community. I have voted for a balanced budget with performance measurements, pension reform, Encinitas Community Park for our families, better beaches, increased public safety, responsible growth, clean and reliable water, and reduced traffic impacts in our neighborhoods.

Over the last decade, I have served on many community regional boards including: San Dieguito and Olivenhain Water Districts, San Diego County Water Authority, San Diego North Economic Development Council, and San Diego Association of Governments. The San Diego Taxpayers Association's
Golden Watchdog Award" recognized my efforts in saving millions in taxpayer dollars. The Encinitas Chamber of Commerce honored me as a "Community Hero" and the New Encinitas Network named me a "Top 25 Leader in the Past 25 Years."

Please join Encinitas citizens, community and regional leaders in supporting my candidacy, including former Encinitas Mayors James Bond, Rick Shea, Anne Omsted, along with the Deputy Sheriff's Association and the Encinitas Firefighters Association.

OpenEncinitas September 15, 2012 at 04:05 PM
Dear Cardiff Creature, I think you missed the point. The words Mr. Muir used are almost identical and not put in quotation marks or attributed to their author - that's called plagiarism. Mr. Muir may have the same views as Ms. Barth on environment and fiscal responsibility - I hope so. That would be good for Encinitas. But he needs to have his own voice and express himself in his own words or give credit where credit is due. If he had said "I agree with Teresa Barth who said ..." then nobody would object. It would be great if he also agreed with Ms. Barth on the importance of open government, abolishing secret subcommittees, and true pension reform where you don't offset employee contributions with increases in pay that exceed what employees have to contribute. The firefighters managed to bump up their base salaries so their pensions will be even higher in the future! How convenient that Mr. Muir was absent for that vote ...
CardiffCreature September 15, 2012 at 08:35 PM
The firefighters did not bump their pay. The Encinitas city council bumped firefighter compensation. If Muir was absent from the reform vote, he took a stand in his statement supporting it, and even taking credit for it. That means Barth and Muir are the same. Barth voted for the shell game pension reform. Both were for giving staff a raise, which they will carry through their retirement payouts, but don't even have to pay part of the new pension liability. It was a net win for the city employees. It dug the city deeper in the hole. Calling it a reform is a joke and Barth voted for it. Muir is also for open government. Barth is for secret subcommittee meetings. She has happily volunteered to participate on many subcommittee meetings where the direction of the city was all but formalized and the public was excluded.
CardiffCreature September 15, 2012 at 08:43 PM
Mark Muir and Teresa Barth stand for the same things. Their lists of interests should be similar. When assessing charges of plagiarism, context matters. School, publishing, and campaign writing provide different contexts in terms of what would be considered a legal or ethical breach. It does LOOK like Muir REWROTE Barth's sentence. He did not copy. It was not identical. Those idea's did not originate from Barth. The ethics teacher Dr. Lisa Shaffer will certainly write in support of Barth if Muir has crossed a line. Read Barth's comment closely, she kicks up dust and supports others who make the claim that Muir did something wrong, but never herself says Muir crossed the line. Other's call that chicken #%&@.
CardiffCreature September 15, 2012 at 08:44 PM
To OE, I assumed that was not the main point, because it seems too petty. The sentences are not close to "identical." Phrases that are identical include:environmental stewardship, general plan, and fiscal prudence. These are common in campaign literature and were not coined by Barth. There is also the our unique five communities thing which has been found in campaign literature for decades. The "fair and equitable [syn. implementation] of the general plan" is unusual, but not an original idea of Teresa Barth. Muir's use was not identical. Anytime someone says they want "fair and equitable [syn. implementation] of the general plan" they have to cite Teresa Barth? I can't wait to see the editorials saying Muir should be censured and fired for not citing Barth on that one.
Al Sherr November 07, 2012 at 03:40 AM
i am glad you are for change no name. i am glad Mr Muir recieves 170k a year pension. I know you would LOVE to get that for your self but you did not want to spend almost 35 years working your big large behind off. Remember your life is because of your failures not Mr Muirs. He has done a more than a GREAT JOB for the city and we are more than thankful for him. Now stop your anger now and go and vote for him.


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