Raised Lifeguard Tower in Cardiff is Temporary Solution

Have you noticed the giant structure holiding a lifeguard tower at the south end of the Cardiff State beach campgrounds?

State Parks Superintendent Robin Greene tells Encinitas Patch that a little lifeguard tower was built in that location in the 1960's. "In 2007 part of the bluff failed and the building was hanging over cliff. We had to demolish it," said Greene who added, "Unfortunately it was the headquarters for lifeguards."

In 2008 and state put a different structure together, but right after Labor Day weekend in 2012, it was ordered to be removed by state fire marshall.

State parks built the tower you now see, but it was built as a temporary solution. 

Greene said it's purposely built on a raised platform because, "The higher up a guard can be, the better the sight lines are. One person can see more of the coast." 

The state is hoping to build a permanent solution soon and is in negotiation with the City of Encinitas to come up with the design for optimal sight lines. 


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