Parent Who is a Registered Sex Offender Must Have Written Permission to Enter Poinsettia Elementary

School superintendent tells Patch the sex offender will be allowed to pick up and drop off his children in the parking lot.

A registered sex offender living and working in Carlsbad who was last in a classroom at for a Halloween event will no longer have an open invitation to step foot in the school.

Superintendent Dr. John Roach told Carlsbad Patch on Thursday, “Going forth he is not to be on campus except when he has requested written permission to do something. Picking up or dropping off his children from the parking lot is fine, but everything else needs written permission each time.”

The registered sex offender, who Patch has decided not to identify, was arrested and charged with first-degree sexual abuse and endangering the welfare of a child in 1994. He could not be reached by Patch for comment.

This sex offender is registered in California, and as well as the school district were aware of his status. Parents of children at Poinsettia Elementary, however, were not aware of this particular parent’s background until another parent, who receives email alerts when a sex offender moves into the neighborhood, received such an email.

That parent shared the email with others at the school. One parent whose daughter is in the same class as the sex offender’s child decided to take further action.

“When I got the email, I went to see the school principal, Mr. Ahle,” the parent said. “I was concerned because my daughter plays with his kids. The principal said there nothing he could do, it’s a legal thing.”

The parent, who wishes to remain anonymous, went to the police but learned the offender was within his rights. Other concerned parents set up a meeting with the police department as well.

“I was just floored that this type of sex offender could be at my kid’s school, but I’ve never been contacted,” said the concerned parent. He decided to contact the school district and Assembly Member , telling Patch, “If he can get within arm’s length of a kid, I’m not leaving it to chance. Statistics show it’s a crime often repeated.”

Garrick got back to the parent explaining that under California penal code 626.81 an offender must have lawful business at a school to enter “and a sex offender needs written permission to be on campus.”

Roach said the district was not aware of recent changes to the penal code requiring written permission in addition to lawful business. “Mr. Ahle will meet with the sex offender early next week and go over those limitations,” Roach said.

Several concerned parents have confronted the sex offender and called him at his work. One parent said he is aware that some people will see this as a “lynch-mob” mentality.

“Some say I should forgive him; it was a crime done a long time ago. But are you kidding me? Would you be comfortable with a guy who did that to someone your daughter’s age being in her classroom?” the parent said.

His advice to other Carlsbad-area parents “Look in your area who’s on meganslaw.ca.gov.”

askerk November 04, 2011 at 07:06 PM
There is a reason why there are such words as "reformed", "repented", "transform", etc. in our vocabulary and dictionary. Given that a lot of other abuse that is done to children within their own family, and are never reported, taking your frustration out on 1 man, who, yes was convicted over 17 years ago in 1994, and most probably has mended his ways, seems very close minded. I say, take the necessary precautions as you normally would to protect your children, but don't condemn him out of hand because you didn't do your homework and feel like a bad parent for not finding out sooner. Give him a chance to be a good parent, just don't give him an opportunity or temptation to revert to his old ways. Be a good parent and show your children responsibility and forgiveness, just don't forget and become lax protectors of your children. I also do give kudos to the parents that are involved, just don't become vigilantes and pursue him as a lynch mob.
Mike Mcm November 04, 2011 at 10:17 PM
I am so sick of these misinformed idiots and their persecution of sex offenders. This man is a PARENT too. And Member Martin Garricks comment “....Statistics show it’s a crime often repeated.” is totally false. The only crime with a lower recidivisom rate than child sex offenders is murder. (Dept of Justics stats). Serously people, its been 19yrs since his crime. He is NOT going to repeat it. If you want accurate statistics, if your children are molested at school its much more likely to be done by a teacher or janitor at the school than this guy.
Michael November 05, 2011 at 03:01 AM
Before you start calling others 'misinformed idiots,' 1. It is a crime often repeated, >5% of former offenders will commit this crime again. ~1/20 chance of someone's child being molested by this guy may not be a chance some parents are willing to take. 2. Murderers are usually given long term/life sentences or the death penalty, so comparing their recidivism rate to sex offenders is not really an equal comparison since they will not have the chance to recommit the crime (just FYI the recidivism rate for suicide is 0%) 3. You can't guarantee he is not going to repeat or that he has not already repeated the sexual offense, we only know of the one time he was actually caught. 4. Lastly, and this one's just for style points: Basic subtraction tells us that it's been 17yrs since his crime, not 19yrs (also notice the use of the apostrophe in the word "it's" and consider using this contraction in future posts").
Jim November 09, 2011 at 03:38 AM
Wow - the idea that the onus is placed on parents to know the penal code is mind blowing. How about a simple email alert to the local school administrators? Isn't the State informing the offenders when there are changes to the penal code? My guess is yes. This sex offender is educated and moved to a dense neighborhood of million dollar homes...people/parents that make a point (and have a lot of time on their hands) to stay informed. He knew damn well that he doesn't belong in a school yard without permission, but chose to do it anyway. If he had remorse for his previous crime(s)...since we only know of one, did he really have to show up at the school within a couple weeks of being outted? Couldn't he be a little more sensitive to a bunch of confused parents? Is it really such a good idea for him to be going to a place with an abundance of young schoolgirls anyway? Think alcoholic in a bar or sex addict in a gentlemen's club...not good. As for the parents, of which I am one, and just recently learned that he had a front row seat to my 3rd grade daughter's afterschool cheerleading class at school grounds (Really? couldn't you have picked something else to show for?), I would not be too concerned about him endangering our children at this point. People that commit these crimes do so after they've gained a tremendous amount of trust from someone close to "home". But I do wonder about his proximity to Legoland and the anonymity that an amusement park provides...
Michael maciel October 05, 2012 at 05:40 AM
Jim, no they do not inform registrants of every change made to these laws. I am a school resource officer who responded to a similar incident in my district. This guys case was 14 years old and was allowed on campus by the school district. While I agree that parents should keep a close eye on their kids, I don't feel, and neither did the school district, that this guy is a real threat. People take the Garrido case and those alike, and make their oppinions based on that alone. If you take a look at the real statistics, your kids are in more danger with your own family than the guy in this case. I personally would be more worried about the people without a criminal background. Because based on statistics, 49% of all sex offenses are never reported. Your kids teacher, principal, neighbors or family members could help make up that 49% and you wouldn't be the wiser. And lastly, kids of sex offenders do not deserve to be outcasts because just because of their parents background. Proper knowledge and informing your kids of appropriate an inappropriate touching, and having an open relationship with your child will serve them better than a bunch of parents being ignorant and and overreacting.


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