Site for Sore Parties: Local Woman’s Volkalize.com Seeks to Bridge Divide

Rancho Santa Fe resident Jordan Bosstick: “We cannot have half the country watching liberal media, and the other half watching Republican media.”

Jordan Bosstick has big plans for her future—and America’s political discourse.

The 22-year-old who graduated with a bachelor’s in communications in May from Arizona State University, plans to launch Volkalize.com, a social networking site geared toward political conversations.

“Our country is extremely important to me, and I think that political issues should matter to everyone,” said Bosstick, who became engaged at an early age when her dad encouraged her to read the Wall Street Journal every day.

The Rancho Santa Fe resident, who isn’t yet sure whether the website will net an income, took time to Volkalize with Patch.

Patch: Why do you feel it’s important for Americans to engage in politics?

Bosstick: These days everyone is labeled as either a Republican or Democrat, and most people in between are so turned off by all the bickering that they tune it out completely. The two sides are so polarized that even our media caters to either one side or the other.

It is all so divisive. That’s why I created Volkalize.com, I wanted to create an unbiased space, where people aren’t labeled as Republican or Democrat. Social media is the best way to engage people.

On Volkalize.com, people can decide what topics matter to them; they can create a topic to discuss, or engage in a discussion already trending. We also make it easy for Volkalize.com members to share the entire discussion on other social media platforms, so their friends can read through the debate and get an understanding of the issue from their peers.

Our main message is “People, Power, Discussion.” The more people we can get engaged in political discussions, the more informed our society will be, which can only be good for our country. 

Patch: What is the ultimate goal behind the website?

Bosstick: The ultimate goal behind the website is to integrate politics with popular culture, by placing political discussions on the web. It is my hope that through the discussions on Volkalize.com, more people will become engaged and informed on the issues that face our country.

I especially hope to engage the people in the center that have felt overwhelmed by total polarization of the two political parties.

Patch: Will the comments be moderated or is it all free flowing? 

Bosstick: The comments will be moderated only if people get vulgar or start ranting anything hateful or obscene. I really want the discussions to be full of real solutions and ideas.

We have a “flag” function so users can let us know if people are being obscene, and we will remove problematic users if we need to.

Patch: What is your long-term goal for this website?  

Bosstick: My long-term goal is to engage more people in the political process, to remind people that this is America, and your engagement matters. The more people that are informed and involved in the process the easier it is to make a difference that benefits our country.

The debate has to be had. We cannot have half the country watching liberal media, and the other half watching Republican media. We will only end up divided and uneducated on each other’s true positions.

We have to debate and come up with the best solutions. We have to have the tough discussions respectfully between people that disagree, and let everyone else make up their own mind. I think everyone is tired of the partisan bickering, and is looking for serious solutions.

We can only have serious solutions if we all get involved, get informed, encourage others to get involved, and hold our government accountable.

The Volkalize.com homepage officially launched Feb. 11. and Bosstick said the full site will launch “soon.” Interested users can find Volkalize on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

RATSJ February 26, 2013 at 06:50 AM
Nice try, but you will run into people who know everything and will pronounce any one else ignorant. We have seen it here on the Patch.
Barbara Yost February 26, 2013 at 06:52 PM
Your ideas are a breath of fresh air for us, but I fear that the damage that has been done will take a lot more to fix. It is, however, a very good start and I hope people partake in these discussions and learn from them. Not try to bully everyone else into their own agendas. Good forward thinking people are the people who are going to fix the great divide.
Jordan Bosstick February 26, 2013 at 09:21 PM
Thank you so much for the support Barbara!
bre March 01, 2013 at 12:02 AM
I believe Volkalize is spot on for the times and am very encouraged with this smart 22 year young Woman's presence on the internet. I look for great things from Volkalize.


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