Video: Gaspar Calls Barth's Behavior 'Inappropriate'

Councilwoman Gaspar made this public statement at the end of the special city council meeting on Nov. 30.

This video of Councilwoman Gaspar calling Councilwoman Teresa Barth's behavior “inappropriate” is a clip from the Nov. 30 Encinitas City Council special meeting, which was called for public hearing about .

In September Gaspar and Barth were placed on a subcommittee to work with city staff on the 2035 General Plan update (referenced in this video).

The document presented to Gaspar by a city staff member (also referenced in this video) was not made public at the time of this statement.

Since the Nov. 30 special council meeting, Barth has responded in her newsletter, writing:

“I am perplexed by councilwoman Gaspar's verbal attack against me at the Nov. 30 council meeting. Her statement that I had somehow violated open meeting laws when no such laws governing sub-committees exist makes no sense. I am also unaware of any council protocol concerning subcommittee procedures. Perhaps there should be some. It is very unfortunate that Councilwoman Gaspar did not first speak to me about what she perceived to be a violation. I recall that at a recent council meeting she attempted to dispel the notion that we were a ‘divided council’ yet her actions on Nov. 30 were clearly meant to discredit me.”

In a Dec. 1 email that went out to local media outlets, Gaspar wrote that Barth has “complete disregard for the open, transparent functioning of subcommittee work,” and stated that she is not comfortable even discussing the four-page document (referenced in this video) because “it does not reflect Council or Subcommittee direction. I would also like to reinforce that this issue is not about what is contained in the document but rather the inappropriate behavior of Councilmember Barth circumventing the subcommittee to further her own agenda.”

Encinitas Patch will keep you updated on this story as it develops.  

The complete video of this meeting can be viewed on the city’s website. 

Walter December 06, 2011 at 02:39 AM
What on earth does Gaspar mean by "the open, transparent functioning of subcommittee work?" There is nothing open or transparent about subcommittees in Encinitas. They are closed to the public. Does Gaspar even think about what she says or is she just vomiting buzzwords?
Joe Leeucaldia December 06, 2011 at 03:46 PM
Mike, how do you know all these things regarding the process? I have to assume you weren't at the meetings, and I don't think I'd be going out on a limb in guessing that you haven't spoken to Teresa Barth about these issues. Unless you live inside of Gaspar's pocket, I don't see how you would be privy to all this information. As usual, I don't thing you're being very upfront about your tight connection to the Stocks Bonds Muir Gaspar Axis. I'd be ok with it if it you'd just come out and be open and dare I say TRANSPARENT about that connection. You calling out Barth on a lack of transparency is like Imelda Marcos calling out Ivana Trump for having too many shoes.
OpenEncinitas December 06, 2011 at 04:52 PM
Let's make all subcommittee meetings open to the public and not just to a select few insiders, so that issues like this won't arise - we will all have access to the facts and not hearsay. There is no open, transparent subcommittee process right now, but the Council has the authority to make it true.
Joe Leeucaldia December 06, 2011 at 05:02 PM
Mike, please name the "We" in New Encinitas Network. Also, please supply your "Documentation" regarding the staff ommissions etc. Otherwise this is just random heresay and conjecture, no doubt cooked up by your and Jerome/Jim/Mark and Kristin to deny Teresa a shot at Vice Mayor or Mayor again. As James Brown said, "Saying it and doing it are different things". And as WC said, the Subcommittees aren't open to the public. Either substantiate your claims with facts, or apologize to Teresa publicly.
Walter December 06, 2011 at 05:55 PM
Mike, I'm not sure what that comment means. That's from the regular council session which was open to the public. The concerns are are about the closed subcommittee meetings and why some interest groups are apparently getting access while the public is locked out.
marco gonzalez December 06, 2011 at 06:22 PM
Wait a second, Mike, are you saying that on May 1, 2011 you had a backroom meeting with Gaspar to lobby/influence her opinion on the GPU, and as a direct result of that meeting, she took up your cause and pushed for the changes you suggested? And that's perfectly transparent because...???
OpenEncinitas December 06, 2011 at 08:00 PM
There's nothing in the Council meeting minutes about a Facilitator, so whether or not such a role is implemented is subject to Council discussion and vote (in public). The subcommittee is not a decision-making body. It's not been clear to me ever why we even need subcommittees - why not have staff do their job and have the Council deliberate in full view of the public, consistent with both the SPIRIT and SUBSTANCE of the law. Drop the subcommittee completely or make it open to the public. That's the only way for anyone to know what's going on. And if the staff report or the subcommittee report shows different viewpoints, that's great - we should have honest, open discussions. If the subcommittee report doesn't completely conform to what Mr. Andreen wants, so it goes - the Council is supposed to represent ALL of us. Some of us don't think at second stakeholder review committee is needed, and we should get on with reviews by the appointed commissions and the Council. But let's have an honest, open debate, with public input, and not closed subcommittees. It's absurd for Ms. Gaspar to complain about violations of open, transparent subcommittee process, since there is no such provision in Encinitas city practices. I wish there were!
OpenEncinitas December 07, 2011 at 03:45 PM
How did the Cultural Tourism Committee get into this? I still want to know about the "open and transparent subcommittee process" that was violated. I want to know how Mr. Andreen knows what goes on behind closed doors when the rest of us don't. Let's agendize changing the subcommittee process so that all meetings are open to the public, recorded, and the recordings are publicly available.
CaptEncinitas December 07, 2011 at 05:27 PM
Mike, gotta be honest. You're jumping all over the place. Marco's question is a fair one. You're clearly referencing a meeting you had with Gaspar without admiting you had the meeting. It's a little bit absurd that she's crying wolf, you're crying wolf. Again, you use a group umbrella without saying who would be at the meeting or was at the meeting. Clearly you want to see this on the agenda, that's fine. But to characterize yourself and Gaspar as outsiders who don't have access is absurd. Everyone knows how she got elected, that you had a role in it etc. Maybe if we had a bunch of newbies on here, but clearly everyone who posted a comment has a pretty good grasp of what's going on down at City Hall. And BTW, it hasn't been pretty. I think the Muir appointment and some of the other shennigans, including Kristin's cowardly cheap shot could fairly be termed "An Embarrasment"....
Gerald Sodomka December 07, 2011 at 08:40 PM
Mike Andreen said in his final post before the deletion of all his comments: "Call down to City Hall and find out for yourself; do your own home work. I already stated I don't know specifics, the statement is pretty clear. And, I really prefer to be answering questions with enough integrity to use their real names. Signing off, perhaps we'll pass each other at the council hearing?" I post under my real name. I find this comment disingenuous after Mr. Andreen has refused to answer my questions about his questionable activities in Encinitas political campaigns. Now he appears to be involved in another activity of dubious merit. The now deleted series of comments was revelatory, showing arrogance, hubris, and flippancy all at the same time. I am often at City Hall, but don't have access to back rooms that he appears to have. His admission of collusion with Kristen Gaspar make a mockery of her claims of openness and transparency and her accusations against Teresa Barth. I copied and saved all the comments. I have them in a file and have printed them out. So any denial by Mr. Andreen of what he posted won't fly.
Marlena Medford December 07, 2011 at 09:07 PM
Many of the questions and opinions above refer to comments posted earlier by Mike Andreen, who subsequently deleted his own comments. As always, please remember to keep the conversation on topic and civil. Thanks everyone.
Mike Andreen December 08, 2011 at 01:01 AM
Sadomka, Why don't you want a full public hearing about Mrs. Barth' behavior on the General Plan Subcommittee? Who do you represent, Sir? What is it you are attempting to achieve by cyber-bullying me? I understand defending a friend or position, but SAY so; exactly WHY do you continue to make false allegations against me with no first-hand knowledge of me? Sir, what are you really afraid the public might determine for themselves in this hearing: 1) That Mrs. Barth has difficulty working with others on the council, staff? 2) That there is pattern of behavior; like making expensive false claims against peers when Barth doesn't get her way; or how about holding 'meetings' between regular committee meetings? 3) Or that when questioned about prior secret meetings in a public setting that Barth can become embarrassingly abusive? 4) A propensity to hypocritically 'blame the victim' from the dais rather than 'ever' take personal responsibility 5) An inability to work as part of a team? Or all of the above? Let's read the 4-Pager from her that Staff secretly created; why shouldn't it be released to the public? Sir, I am representing 100's of businesses and private property owners in New Encinitas who were ignored over two years in the GP 2035. I'm seeking fairness for New Encinitas; Whom do you represent? Cardiff? Barth? http://encinitas.patch.com/blog_posts/monday-monday-important-turning-point-for-new-general-plan-process-this-monday
Cap'n Encinitas December 08, 2011 at 06:25 PM
Mike, I don't want to answer for Gerry, but perhaps we don't need an investigation into Barth's behavior because there's nothing to report. I think you could ask 96 out of 100 people who've met or worked with Teresa while she's been in office and you'd find out that she garners a ton of respect in our community. It's really doesn't make a lot of sense to try and call out someone else about who they represent unless you also are willing to detail your own affiliations. I am proud to have campaigned for Teresa in the past. She's one of the most straight forward, transparent and hard working council people we've ever had. If you can document the claims in your 2nd paragraph, I'd love to see that, respectfully. I mean lets be honest, you refer to her as abusive there, that's a pretty big claim. As a counter, I have seen Jerome Stocks in action both in person and at council, and his tone and actions could fairly be labeled as condescending at a minimum, and abusive at other times. We all want to see a good general plan rolled out, but let's keep the process an above board one without name calling, that doesn't get us anywhere. Teresa has a right to one of the Mayoral seats, but we all know that won't happen. Let's keep that front and center here.


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