Learn About the Encinitas Union School District at the Partners in Education Symposium

The Board of Trustees of the Encinitas Union School District is excited to host the second annual Partners in Education Symposium on February 25, 2014.

School Board Members, District Administrators, Principals and PTA representatives from the district’s nine schools will be on hand to share highlights of the unique programs at each of their schools and invite business and community leaders to join in the education of our community’s future leaders!

Mim Michelove, Camille Sowinski and Bill Dean of Healthy Day Partners, the district’s green consultants, will share the many environmental and wellness programs in place that emphasize the District’s commitment to student health and well-being. An overview of the 10 acre Agroecology Farm which is in its early development stages will be presented.

The President of the Encinitas Educational Foundation (EEF) Jerry Singleton together with Melissa McGhee, Executive Director, will highlight the different partnership opportunities for business and community leaders.

The event is:

8:30 – 11:30 a.m., February 25, 2014 at El Camino Creek Elementary School 

–Encinitas Union School District press release

Lynn Marr January 31, 2014 at 02:07 AM
Save Pacific View! Donated land, given to locals "for the children" and future generations should not be privatized for more high density development. The highest and best use is NOT about a one time injection of money for "rainy day reserves" into the District's facilities improvement funds. The highest and best use would be to allow the City to purchase at $1 million over the current appraisal, using local comps, in current zoning, for a true community arts and learning center. Superintendent Baird has been in North County for less than five years. He doesn't understand the significance of this irreplaceable, historical asset, part of our community character and our heritage. Baird, while superintendent for Ojai Unified School District tried to prevent that community from building a surplus schoolsite there, even though the skatepark had the support of many volunteers, the police dept. and the City of Ojai. When Baird was recruited to replace Superintendent Lean King, in EUSD, in late 2009, the Ojai community was able to realize their vision and build the skatepark! Baird had wanted a "one time injection of money" in Ojai by selling that property to would-be strip mall style developers. Encinitas voters passed Prop A, in June of last year. No matter who is trying to rezone property, including a School District or the County, the public is now entitled to vote when public/semi-public is proposed to be rezoned to commercial, mixed use, or residential.


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