Update: School Board Approves Pacific View Development Proposal

The action comes less than a week after the school district filed a lawsuit against the Encinitas City Council.

The Encinitas Union School District board took another step toward resolving the fate of at its Oct. 11 meeting, giving Superintendent Tim Baird the OK to finalize a request for proposals to develop the closed school site in downtown Encinitas.

The action comes less than a week after the school district filed a lawsuit against the Encinitas City Council, which to rezone the land for residential use earlier this year. Locals opposed previous mixed-use proposals for the 2.8-acre site under its current zoning for public use, and city and school district officials failed to reach a compromise on a proposal that called for residential development along with space for a community arts center. 

The requests for proposals would comply with current zoning, Baird said before the meeting. If the district gets an offer that it finds acceptable, it would move forward with that plan and drop the lawsuit.

“We are pursuing both paths at the same time with the expectation that something will come together,” said Baird, adding that there is still a possibility of resolving the issue with the city before it reaches a courtroom.

jherald October 15, 2011 at 05:48 PM
What is the true value of this property??? How can any one submit proposals without knowing the property value? Has this site been appraised? If so why has the school district not disclosed the value. Tim Baird says that its pre-recession value was $13 million and offering it to the city at $10 million was compliance with the Law. We only have his word for it and it seems to me the pre-recession value has no meaning at this point. Fess up Mr, Baird...what is the game?
Lynn Marr October 25, 2011 at 06:31 PM
Good question, jheraid. To date, according to my understanding, there has been no independent appraisal. Both Teresa Barth and Maggie Houlihan had requested one, stating that must be the first step before realistic negotiations can take place. Dr. Baird appears to be trying to skirt around the issue of the Naylor Act, which is applicable. According to the act, 30% of the school property should be made available to the City for 25 cents on the dollar of its appraised value. That amounts to over 4/5 of an acre. But the value cannot be correctly and legally determined without an appraisal report, so the lawsuit seems premature. Offering the entire piece of the property at $10 million does NOT comply with the conditions of the law for property that was GIFTED to the school district. It's a shame that after the citizens voted for a $44 million dollar bond, the school board, at the superintendent's bidding, decided to sue the City of Encinitas, wasting taxpayers money. The EUSD should not be in the business of development, nor of playing petty politics at the citizens expense.


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