Wisdom from Below: Practically Subtle Energy Medicine for Balance and Grounding

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 701 Garden View Ct Encinitas CA 92024  See map

Take a leading role alongside nature to explore and experience portable energetic garden elements ~~ designed in appreciation of the vitality & aura that play a large part in creating an atmosphere for feeling & healing ~~ while discovering how neuro-modulation via endogenous biochemical amines (e.g. Dopamine & serotonin) are stimulated through a continuum of movement and acupressure to the bottom of the feet.

1st half of class is "Biological Presence" ~ 1hr meal break ~ 2nd half is "Consciousness and Spiritual Practice"

Biological Presence-Grounding is actually a collection of techniques, highly related to balance ability aimed at improving one’s sense of ‘being in this world’ as opposed to the feeling of merely observing the world from a distance.

This interactive presentation will permit participants to experience conscious design and subtle energy elements in Ancient Walking to Primal Rhythms movement as well as stone-stepping/grounding that increases sense of touch in feet and hands and aids the body’s pump in the foot (the plantar fascia windlass) with a proper sequence of meridian energy activation.  Participants will have the opportunity to "preview experience" a CIHS Therapy Garden Installation with movement protocols clinically shown to improve balance, breathing and circulation. 

Feature design components emulate ancient stone reflexology pathways found throughout Asia and enhances the effect of Earthing (or grounding) with specific patterns of stone and crystal to encourage magnetic resonance and balance with the earth’s natural polarity. (Includes discussion of brain lateralization testing, foot palpation, and the emerging results of biospys that compared reflex areas and protocols in acupressure responsive and unresponsive feet).

This directly relates to the martial arts principle of grounding (as a concept that means to become sensitized and rooted into the earth).  This means rooted both physically through posture, stance training, and movement, but also grounded in the psychological sense of being “down to earth” or practical.  Surprisingly there is some indication physical training in grounding also improves a person’s psychological sense of well being.  Alexander Lowen[i] when working with trauma induced neurosis clients noticed they often had weak and underdeveloped leg muscles.  By putting these patients on a training regime to improve leg strength they also reduced their neurosis even when no other psychological treatment was applied.


Sept and Nov 9th Event Occur @ CIHS in Encinitas, Nov 12 Event occurs at 4115 3rd Ave, 92103-1443 San Diego, CA

Personal Pebble Pathways included in registration. Takefumi Bamboo and decorative stones (as well as Toe Shoes) will also be available. Lunch Break from 12-1pm. Majority of Proceeds donated to Tibetan Healing Center Foundation and Hay House Foundation. This is a Veterans Day/Disabled Veterans observance event.


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