Which one of these essential components is missing from your diet?

Why is it I can lose weight, but can’t keep it off? (The million dollar question, right?)

I want this to be your healthiest year ever – every month a step closer to your goals.

But there are some critical components that you have to include in your plan to make that happen.

Take a minute to make sure you’ve covered all of these bases to ensure you get the best results from whatever path you’ve chosen.

During a recent consultation with one of my newest transformation clients, a great question came up that we knew we should share with you, too.

The question was why is it I can lose weight, but can’t keep it off? (The million dollar question, right?)

She had developed a love/hate relationship with Weight Watchers over the years. She loved it because every time she joins, she loses weight. But she also hates it because every time she stops going to meetings or goes on a vacation, the weight comes right back.

Why is that?

Well, first off – that’s my specialty (helping you keep it off), but HOW to do that is no secret. In fact, if you’d love a full answer to that question, you can check out my video about Why Diets Don’t Work. I get into the detail of it and I think you will have some big ‘ah ha’ moments.

Bottomline. Diets are a temporary solution.

The majority of diets utilize some type of system (whether counting calories, tracking points or purchasing food) that manipulates your macronutrients (meaning fat, carbs, protein). When you tweak those things in your diet, you can lose weight (temporarily).

Unfortunately, it’s not permanent. That’s why we all struggle to keep it off.

So, here’s the secret sauce. 

Whatever program you follow, just make sure all of these components are part of it. If they are missing, add them in. You will get results like you can’t imagine -permanent ones that completely transform your life. You will never have to ‘diet’ again and your frustration will be over.

  • Make sure the program is not based on calories in vs. calories out.  This fundamental theory is flawed because we’re learning that not all calories are equal. Until you learn what specific foods are doing to your biochemistry, you’ll never get lasting results.


  • Make sure the program addresses why your body wants to be fat.  Ever notice that you have a set point when it comes to weight? A weight that your body seems to gravitate toward? That’s your body fat thermostat and until you address why it’s set there, you won’t be able to reset it permanently.

  • Make sure the program is customized to your body. Genetics plays a role in how our body responds to certain foods. Each person is unique & until you get that last 10-20% of your diet customized to you, you’ll never lose those last pounds for good.

  • Make sure the program has a process for removing food addictions permanently. Certain foods are just hard to give up. For some of us it’s chips, for others it’s sweets. There are addictive qualities in foods and until you identify what those are and what triggers them, you will always go back to them at some point.

  • Make sure the program does not require any willpower. Studies show that we only have a limited amount of willpower at our disposal every day. And, with all of the demands on our time and energy, there is no way you can rely on willpower to ensure you eat healthy & exercise. It has to be effortless.

  • Make sure the program is designed so you can do it on your own – for life. Any program that only works while you’re buying their food or attending their meetings, is setting you up to fail when you’re on your own.

    Which one of these components will you add to your goals this year? Share it with us in the comments below.

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