Jayne Jang Belz
Jayne Jang Belz is a native of Maryland, but is glad to have relocated to sunny San Diego where she does not have to worry about dry, cracked winter skin. She is a graduate of Georgetown University, where she received her bachelor's degree in biology. After college, her interest in public health and love of food led her to work first on Save the Children USA's Child Health/Nutrition Team and then as a food writer for Earth Fare, the healthy supermarket of the Southeast.
A supporter of fresh foods, Jayne's highlight of the week is visiting local farmers' markets to talk to growers and to buy that week's seasonal bounty. She loves to cook, but enjoys trying new restaurants, too. Having grown up eating lots of Korean food, she has a global palate and a penchant for spicy food. Jayne has been given the nickname "Jingle Bells" by friends because if you repeat her name five times really fast, that is the result. Her Navy pilot husband is known as "Door Bell." They are currently accepting witty name suggestions for their future progeny.
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